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Smell Riser
Side-scrolling awesomeness is back- and is here to stay! The protagonist of this adventure is Spiffy- swift, energetic and a skunk on a mission! Traverse the different exotic locations with Spiffy in this frenetic, edge-of-your-seat arcade platformer! His wish is simple- he wants to explore the lands of the unknown and travel as far as he possibly can! Using simple jump combination controls, help Spiffy collect stars, activate combinations and evade the creatures of the exotic!
  • 3 exotic, colorful environments
  • Simple but skillful 'one-touch'control
  • Endless hours of side-scrolling gameplay!
  • Timed jumps and double jumps to escape treacherous traps!
  • Unleash Spiffy's alter ego in Air rage mode!
  • Evade Venus flytraps, terror worms and more!
  • Full retina graphics support
  • Share your scores on Facebook and Twitter
  • Open Feint enabled: Leaderboards and loads of Achievements!
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